Time Management Tips for Business

One of the most challenging things to take to account is the immense amount of time business owners put into their business. Usually, time is also the least tracked of the resources business owners put down, and to be honest it is the hardest thing to track that is why we need to make decision in advance on what task we spending are time on before they become problems.

Being an effective business owner means relying on other people to help you get all of the work done. The key about delegation is to avoid “abdicating” — that is, you need to avoid giving employees responsibilities without effectively preparing and training them for the task. This is huge. Part of making this work is hiring the right people, but it also requires investing time training them. To avoid spending that time and  use your time more effectively is by hiring a 3rd party to take care of seemingly simple but time consuming tasks like a maintaining a website. This simple task may seem very easy to do especially with platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, WordPress and others, the problem of that kind of platforms is that you pay so they allow you to work on your website instead of freeing your time they will get your time and energy to building your web and at the end after you spend between $280 to $500+ in addition to around 20 to 30 just to get it somehow set up those platforms are just profiting from you without the responsibility or accountability to provide you with a strong website.   That decreases the time and energy you have to concentrate on your business. Delegation or outsourcing is the solution to those tasks that will take lots of time and energy.


A popular time management method that involves setting a timer for 25-minutes while you focus on one specific task, then taking a short 5-minute break before starting the next task.  


One effective way to determine where you should spend more time is the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule basically says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.  Sales, Sales and Sales are the 20% that actually make a difference in the growth of your business other task like the development and maintenance of your website can be done by professionals so you can concentrate time and energy in the important 20% of your business.


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