When COVID-19 hit, many businesses reached out to us, looking to transition their business online.  The problem is that many didn’t even consider this option before, and didn’t even know where to begin, or what to ask for.  So, we came up with the following analogy to explain what a website is and the many things you need to consider.

Your website as an online real estate

Imagine that you want to build your house on a piece of land gifted; the first thing you need to do is visit your register office to ensure that the address is registered to your name. Well, the same applies to a website.  The internet gods gifted you with a virtual land and you need to make sure the address is registered to your name, this in technical terms, is called a Domain.  Unfortunately, just like there is an annual property tax on the internet, there is a Domain Renewal fee.

The next steps of building your real estate are getting an architect to design your dream home’s plan; for this, they would interview, find out your favourite colours, how many friends would visit you, and much more.  Designing your online real estate plan (website) is the same as a team of copywriters, and graphic designers asking you many questions about you, your clients, your products and much more.

Before breaking the ground, you want to check with your utility provider company to make sure they can provide you with electricity, water, and other essential services. Yes, there is a connection fee and a maintenance fee.  In the online world, your website would need to be connected to a server that would help process the information in a way that can be reached by many people online.

It is true you can build your own online real estate, and there are prefabricated modular online properties that you can buy for a fraction of the price, but even those would have annual or monthly fees and may or may not allow you to grow as your business expands.  

“The process of transitioning to the online world is easier if you are guided by a team of experts.”

Whether you should build your website or have someone design it, is your call. However, I recommend getting a hold of our team for a free consultation.


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